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Joomla 3 - New mapping option to plot your own routes

24 May 2018 08:41 #1 by Ruby Tuesday
I thought I would post this here as non Joomla users may be interested.
At the moment we have a number of mapping options
. to plot upcoming walks
. to plot a walking route from a gpx file

I am now hoping to release two new features you will be able to add to your Joomla site.

A new option to display all the gpx files from within a folder see www.ramblers-webs.org.uk/display-map-of-...s-from-a-folder.html

The new facility to enable users to plot their own routes or display their own gpx files.
To see this log on to Ramblers-Webs and go to www.ramblers-webs.org.uk/mapping-draw-your-own-route-track.html

There are options
To upload and download routes as gpx files
To create a new route
To create a marker
To edit a route or marker
To delete a route or marker
To reverse the direction of routes
To simplify the number of points in a route

The software fetches the elevation for routes whenever they change. If the number of points is more that 500 then the functions may still work but are likely to be slow. The simplify option can reduce the number of points from 3000+ down to to 150 while keeping the correct shape.

Please note that these two new features are not quite ready for production use but it would be very good if people tried them from the users point of view and let me have any feedback.

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